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David Suntin of Trending Today

Currently, Wall Street sits in the middle of consumer unrest as more people gather to protest banks and their opposition to financial investment and protection-based solutions.  But herein lies an opportunity for Green Banks to flourish, or perhaps give traditional financial institutions a reason to foster fresh and innovative solutions to some of today’s most pressing issues, including security, unemployment and climate change.  Green Banks are traditionally defined as publicly owned banks intended to open credit markets and drive business to invest in clean technology.

It’s true that clean technology solutions are what drive climate change, all the while tackling things like pollution, job creation, and the promotion of American innovation. Likewise, they improve energy autonomy. Alternative energy solutions like that of biofuels, geothermal heat and electricity are at the core of 21st century sustainability efforts. In fact, most Green Banks flourish in this area – Their loan officers are trained in areas that are designed to support energy efficiency solutions. Of course, traditional banks should be wary of this as well. As we move farther into the 21st century, we can only imagine a world without green initiatives.

In fact, world-renown financial experts like Dan Zwirn and Darrel West have written about the impact of Green Banks for quite some time. In a piece entitled “Rebuilding America: The Role of Foreign Capital and Global Public Investors,” Zwirn and West mention that if we were to inject funds from multiple foreign investors into green banks, we’d be helping multiple organizations fund green initiatives and incorporate energy efficient facilities. The piece goes on to say that environmental policy makers are pushing for investors to consider clean tech investment, as it would only create more long-term viability.

In one particular study by the McKinsey Institute, they mention that the US could cut energy use by ¼ if we were to ideally tackle every issue on the alt energy front.

But in the end, funds are our main stumbling block. There has to be a way in which we can close the climate-investment gap. In most cases, green banks supply loan money up front, and although much of the return is guaranteed, they simply don’t have the cash to distribute to multiple borrowers. Ideally, if we followed a model that was consistent with what Zwirn and West were saying, we’d require green banks to be protected by the US government. In turn, this would make them attractive to foreign investment, which would then supply the money used for clean tech investment.

So it’s clear that there are proposed solutions for supporting the rebuild of the American Economy, especially in such a transition phase. “Green” has been around for a while, and it’s time to start recognizing that it’s not going anywhere. If we can succumb to the idea of green investment, we’re golden.



Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have been busy with a new job. I want to share a review of a really great movie I just saw. It’s called “Who killed the electric car?” Have you heard about it? It’s a documentary about the electric car and its history. If you have not seen this, I highly recommend you watch it.

The movie is about the state of California and a law they made about electric cars. Their law stated that a certain percent of cars sold in California had to be Zero polluting. The percent would continually go up year after year. Hopefully in time all cars would be zero pollution.

California was hoping the electric car would help fix their horrible smog problem. The car companies where not happy with this decision. They fought hard to eventually get it reversed. This movie is a great example of happens when greedy people run our country.

General motors produced a great eclectic car that people loved. Then they did everything they could to make it hard for people to get them. You had to be interviewed and proved why you deserve to get one. They even hassled Mel Gibson to get his.

The car was called the EV1. It could go 110 to 160 miles per charge. You would plug it in inside your garage. No more going to the gas station. Just fill it up at home. Imagine how much time you would save.

Plus an electric car needs much less service. You just rotate the tires and add wind shield washer fluid. In the end it was a lot of factors that killed the electric car in the movie. The first is the oil companies.

From 2007 to 2008 BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil, and Shell made $123.3 billion dollars off us. But that’s nothing compare to the $655.8 billion they made from 2001 thru 2008.

The second was the car companies. They make a lot of money from the service of the gasoline engines. I can’t remember the number but it was large. Watch the movie and you will see.

The last thing to kill the electric car, according to the movie were the politicians. First they created a law to help California. Then they buckled and reverse it. I guess the pressure from the car companies and lobbyists was too much. What a shame!

This movie shows how our country really is. A country that is ruled by money and not the well being of its people. Just imagine if we took this cool little electric car and powered it with a free energy machine like the types on this website.

How awesome would that be? It would run forever with zero pollution and never need refueling. Nikola Tesla did this in the 1930’s. Why can’t we do this now?

This movie is a must see. It will show you the great forces that are holding this technology back. I will be trying to post something more often now. Something about renewable energy news or something cool I found.

I am also adding more new pages and free energy videos. So please stop back. If you like the website, please tell your friends.

Take care,


It has been a busy couple of months since my last post. I have been working on adding more pages and new research to this website. It’s finally done and uploaded to the site. First up is a new video under magnetic generator. It shows you how you can make a simple Free energy generator. I also created a new article on saving money. If you really want to save money you have to think outside the box.

I also added a page called consumer reviews. This page has a bunch of reviews from my audio book. See what others think of this wonderful audio book. If you would like to win a Free autographed copy of this audio book, just sign up for my newsletter. I will be picking one lucky subscriber a month to receive a copy.

Free Energy is such a tough sell. It can really be difficult to convince people this is real. So I created a survey to get some feedback. Please I would like to know what it would take to convince you this is real.

There is also a new refer a friend page. I hope that you find this website so interesting that you forward it on to a 100 of your friends.
Hehehehe ok how about 5 : )

In the next couple of months I will be adding more videos and research so stop back.

Thank you,



Hello everybody. How are you? Awhile back I posted on here about a video on my website. It showed how when you put a round magnet on a washer with a piece of paper between it, it will generate electricity. It is pulling this energy right out of thin air thru magnetism.

It’s a pretty amazing video. I have seen many free energy concepts before, but none so easy to build. Did anyone try and build this one? I did and it was easy. I will admit I was not sure what would happen. I have tried to build others in the past, all of them failing. This time thou, I felt something different. It looked so simple, but the concept seems possible.

So I went off to my local Home Depot. I got two sizes of washers and some round magnets. I probably could have gotten a multi meter there too, but I didn’t. I ordered that online. There are some great deals for these online. I picked up one that will measure ac and dc voltage plus temperature for $10 dollars online from Multimeter Warehouse. Here is their link.

I build my test example similar to the video. I have a 1.5 inch washer, 1 inch squared piece of copier paper and a ¾ inch round magnet. Put the paper on top of the washer, the the magnet on top of that. So it goes magnet, paper, washer. Pretty simple.
Then I set my Multimeter to 200 Millavolts DC. When I put my red probe on the magnet and the black one on the washer I got 15 Millavolts.

I tried a few other options to increase the output. I tried more paper between the magnet and washer. More washers added to it, then finally more magnets. I found there is a fine balance to increasing the output.

When I added more magnets something weird happened. It dropped in out put. I was really shocked after that. Then after I removed the extra magnets, the output tripled. The other magnets influenced the main magnet.

This simple experiment will show you that Free Energy is real. If you have not tried this already it’s definitely worth your time. I think I spent maybe a total of $20 on all the materials. If you have not seen the video I am talking about go watch it on my video page 1.

In the next few weeks I am going to film this experiment and show you what I did. Please stop back and check it out. It will be very interesting.

Thank you,


Hello and welcome to version 3 of

I have been working non stop from  Labor Day weekend, until  Sunday 11:49 pm this weekend. Wow it has been a long project.

You should see what i  added.  There is now 3 full pages of Free Energy Videos almost 60 videos. I also added 9 pages of Renewable Energy Sources.  Interesting reading to compare against magnetic energy.

Have you seen my first commercial i did for this website. Here is a link to it

What do you think of the new website? Drop me a line

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Hello, and welcome to the Truth about Renewable Energy Blog.

Tonight’s post is very special.  I recently came across  a very interesting Free Energy Project.  I have been working hard to find great content for this website and recently found this.  I currently have this video set to track 1 on page 1. You must see it.

It’s about a guy who makes a free energy battery out of three things.  A washer, a small round magnet, and a piece if paper. They are put together like this. The washer is laid down flat on a table. Then the paper is put down, then the magnet.

When a volt meter is ran accost it, it goes from 200 milla volts all the way up to 1.2 volts and then drops, then goes back up. Wow pretty crazy! You got to see this video. Next the guys stacks a couple of them in a series too. They work like a capacitor. The magnet is pulling electricity right out of thin air, and the washer is collecting after jumping across the paper which does not conduct.  Pretty Interesting.

Please watch the video. Free Energy IS Real : )

Take care,



Hello and welcome to The Truth about Renewable Energy Blog! The goal of this website and blog is to showcase some of the amazing Free Energy machines that are out there. Its very unfortunate that you don’t hear about this on the news. You would think stuff like this would be big news.

Instead it is suppressed and kept out of view.  Free Energy is Real and being hidden from us. Just so  the Big Energy Companies can make $440 billion a year of us. How sick is that. We the hard working Americans, who work our asses off just to get by. Just imagine if all our energy was FREE.  The prosperity and advancement the world could make.  It could be like the Jetsons.

The goal of this website and blog, is to show case some of the best Free Energy research. Please check out my video and links pages.  If you have something you would like to see added drop me a line.

Please look though the research here and lets discuss. The more we talk about it, the more people will listen : )

Take care,